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Three in One

3 in 1

The Tri-Community
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Okay, so this is a tri-community! There are three main subjects, and they are:
01. TENG (The Emperor's New Groove)
02. Old shows (mostly cartoon shows)
03. Random words and randomness.

Have fun participating in the hunts and quizzes, and look for new random words to crop up!
Rememember all of those old shows you used to love--and probably still do? Ones like Ren and Stimpy, The Angry Beavers, AAH Real Monsters...This community's all about it. And you can discuss all your favorite Disney movies besides TENG, also.

But, of course, there have to be rules. So, let's keep it simple.

01. No trashing of other peoples' opinions. So they like it, and you don't. Be polite.
02. If you participate in the hunts and such, please put them under cuts. I'm not going to be a stickler about it...but please, do it!
03. If you're here to discuss favorite old shows, keep it to one general show per entry. It'll make them easier to keep up with and read about.
04. You can post news and things about the shows, movies, etc. but this isn't a bulletin board. Post a few important things, not a million little ones.

So that's about it. See? Short and simple.

You're welcome to post banners, buttons, and other promotions, but run them by your mod first. And under cuts, please, unless they're small.

Promotion, if you please.

Banners coming.

Oh, by the way, xmixed_upx and e3miily are your mods. Bow down to their greatness and glory. =D